Quizhour Installation Requirements

Quizhour Installation Requirements Form

App Details

The package name will be your app identifier for both Android & iOS in both app stores. It should look like com.company_name.app_name. Like, Our app package name is com.mrblab.newshour. You can use the same package name for both Android & iOS. 

Social Informations

Add these information if you want to add your social accounts in the app

Google Play & Appstore Credentials (Required to upload your app)

You can ignore that if you don’t want to upload your app to the google play store and apple app store. You can change your password later.

Admob Setup

Go to your Admob Account and create an app for Android then create 3 ad unit ids. Banner, Interstitial & Rewarded Video. (Do the same for iOS)

App Assets

The app icon should be in .png format, 512*512 in pixels and square shape.

The splash icon should be in .png transparent format, 400*400 pixels, and in any shape. The splash is the icon you see on the initial screen when you open the app.


The app logo should be in .png transparent format, 300*60 pixels.


Three images are required. These images must be in SVG format. We have used images from the following site: https://storyset.com/. You can get the images from there too. Make a Zip file and upload it here,

Multi-Language Setup (Optional)

It is required if you want to add multi-language for the static texts of the app. It’s not related to the database. The default language is English. You can ignore this if you want only English. Go to this URL: Download Link and download this en.json file and open the file on any editor app and edit only the right side values with your preferred language. Don’t edit the keys(left-side values). Example: If you want to add the Hindi language then just edit all the right side values in the Hindi language. You can edit the values in a Word file too. And finally, upload the edited file. Do the same for multiple languages.

Captionless Image

Firebase Setup (Required)

Go to the Firebase console: https://console.firebase.google.com and create a project by your app name, go to the project overview > project settings > users & permissions and add [email protected] as an owner and send an invitation. You can remove our email after the installation.